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Calicut University Exam Results as on 5 th September 2008

II Year B Sc Nursing(3/2008)

II Year BA Afsal-ul-ulama (supple: Sept:2007)

I Semester MA Music(1/2008)

III Semester M A History(2/2008)

IV Semester LLB 3 Year(2/2008)

IV Semester LLB 5 Year(2/2008)

II Semester Bachelor of Social Work(7/2007)

V Semester B Tech/B Arch Regular/supple:/Imp:(Dec:2007)

III Semester B Tech/B Arch Regular/supple:/Imp:(Dec:2007)

IV Year Bachelor of Hotel Management(4/2008)

III Semester M Sc Applied Plant Science(2/2008)

VIII Semester B Tech/B Arch(June/2008)

First Semester Bachelor of Social Work (12/2007)

First Semester MA Politics(specialised in West Asian Studies)

Third Semester MA Politics(specialised in West Asian Studies)

First Semester MA English(1/2008)

Third Semester MSc Mathematics(2/2008)

First Semester MA Islamic Studies(1/2008)

Third Semester MA Islamic Studies(2/2008)

First Semester MA Hindi(1/2008)

Third Semester MSc Polymer Chemistry(2/2008)

First Semester MSc Polymer Chemistry(1/2008)

Third Semester MA Comparative Literature (2/2008)

First Semester MA Comparative Literature (1/2008)

Second Semester MA Women's Studies (8/2007)

Third Year BBA (4/2008)

Third Year B.Sc Nursing(3/2008)

First Year B.Sc Nursing(2/2008)

First Semester MA Sanskrit Language and Literature(general)

Third Semester MA Tamil(2/2008)

First Semester M.A.Tamil(1/2008)

Third Semester Msc Psychology(2/2008)

First Semester M A History(1/2008)


Second Semester MCJ(8/2007)

Second Semester Biotechnology (5/2007)

Second Semester M.A.Post Afzal-Ul-Ulama(8/2007)

Second semester M.A.History(8/2007)

Fourth year B Pharm (1/2008)

IV Year BSc Nursing (2/2008)

II Semester MSc Acqa Culture and Fishery Microbiology(8/2007)

IV Semester MSc Acqa Culture and Fishery Microbiology(9/2007)

II Semester MCA (10/2007)

IV Semester MCA (9/2007)

III B A M S Supplementary Examination December 2007

II Year Bpharm (10/2007)

Previous M.A. Malayalam(5/2007)

Previous M.A. Hindi(5/2007)

II Year B Sc Medical Microbiology(9/2007)

III Year B Sc Medical Microbiology(9/2007)

II Year B Sc Medical Biochemistry(9/2007)

III Year B Sc Medical Biochemistry(9/2007)

II Year BSc Medical Laboratory Technology(9/2007)

III Year BSc Medical Laboratory Technology(9/2007)

II Semester M Sc Electronics

IV Semester M Sc Microbiology (9/2007)

M A Hindi previous (non semester)

MA History Previous (April 2007 )

VI Semester B Tech/BArch (6/2007)

B Tech V Semester Printing Technology (6/2007)

B Tech VI Semester Printing Technology (6/2007)

B Tech IV Semester Printing Technology (6/2007)

B Tech III Semester Printing Technology(6/2007)

III Year B Pharm Supplementary Examination (April 2007)

III Year Bachelor of Hotel Management (4/2007)

II Year Bachelor of Hotel Management (4/2007)

II Semester M A Tamil (8/2007)

IV Semester MA Tamil (9/2007)

II Semester MA Malayalam(8/2007)

M.A Sociology Previous Regular(5/2007)

First Year BA Degree Examination April/May 2007

Second Semester M B A (Regular 7/2007)

First Year BA Afsal-Ul-Ulama Degree Examination April/May 2007

First Year B Com Degree Examination April/May 2007

First Year BBA Degree Examination April/May 2007

Second Semester M B A (evening 7/2007)

Second Semester M A Hindi (8/2007)

First Year Bachelor of Physical Education (6/2007)

Second Year Bachelor of Physical Education (5/2007)

MA Economics Previous (5/2007)

MSc Maths Previous Regular (5/2007)

Fourth Semester MSc Electronics (9/2007)

Fourth Semester MA English (9/2007)

MSc Maths Final Regular/Supply (4/2007)

MSc Maths Previous Supply (4/2007)

First Semester M Sc General Biotechnology (1/2007)

M Com Previous(SDE Non -Semester)Supply: 2003 Admission

M Com Final(SDE Non- Semester)Supply: 2003 Admission

M Com (SDE) Final (Non-semester)Supply/Imp:2002 and earlier Admn:

M Com (SDE) Previous (Non-semester)Supply/Imp:2002 and earlier Admn:

MA History Final (Regular/Supply April 2007)

MA History Previous( supply:March 2007)

MA Arabic Previous (April 2007)

II Semester M A Music (8/2007)

IV Semester M A Afsal-Ul-Ulama (9/2007)

M A Economics Previous Supply (3/2007)

M A Economics Final Regular/Supply (4/2007)

Results are available on Calicut University Official Website

General Information about Calicut University Distance Education

. Mode of Remittance of Fees
All fees due to the School of Distance Education should be paid by chalan remittance in the treasuries under the head of account as indicated below and the original chalan receipt be forwarded to this School. However, candidates residing outside the state shall have the option to remit the fees by way of demand draft drawn in favour of the Finance Officer, University of Calicut payable at S.B.T. Thenhipalam. In the case of Indian Postal Orders it shall be made payable to the Finance Officer at Calicut University Post Office. Cheque, Money Order and cash will not be accepted. DD/PO will not be accepted from the candidates residing in Kerala.
Fees once remitted to the University account will not be refunded or adjusted to any other purpose.
Head of Account for Chalan Remittance
Remittances by chalan are to be made under the below mentioned head of account.
i) Treasuries in Malappuram District: 8443-00-106-PD. Account of Calicut University.
ii) Treasuries in other Districts: 8658-00-102-96(02) CUS.
iii) State Bank of Travancore: (In selected branches with a service charge) “No.II Current Account of the Finance Officer, University of Calicut.”
iv) ‘Friends - Janasevana Kendram’
Direct remittance of fee can be made at the fee collection counter (Pareeksha Bhavan) of the University on all working days between 10 am and 4 pm.
All candidates belonging to SC/ST/OEC are eligible for concession from payment of tuition fees and examination fees, if they are not-employed in Govt/Qusai Govt./Public Sector Services. Blind candidates are also eligible for fee concession. Even the candidates enjoying fee concession have to remit Rs. 25/- as developmental charges along with the application for admission. Such candidates should apply for fee concession in the prescribed application form along with Nativity, Community and Income certificates from the authorities concerned, within the stipulated time.
2. Identity Card
Students will be supplied with an identity card by the School. The identity card thus issued by the School, bearing the enrolment number, is valid for the whole period of the course. The card should be kept by the students till the completion of the course. The students should bringing the identity card whenever they come to the School. The identity cards should be surrendered to this School to get the Transfer Certificate on completion or discontinuance of the course. If the original card is lost, duplicate card can be had from this School by remitting Rs.25/- by chalan.
3. Enrollment Number
Every student will be allotted with an enrolment number on admission to the School of Distance Education. This number shall hold good for the whole period of study. Students are directed to quote the enrolment number in all communications addressed to the Director, SDE. Letters, chalan receipts, bank draft etc. received from the students without the enrolment number, name and full address, course of study etc. will not be attended to.
4. Photograph
All students should affix on their application and identity card one copy each of the recent passport size photograph. Students should give their full signature on top margin of photo in the application and on the identity card. The signature in the photo shall conform in every detail to the signature in the application. The copy of the student’s photograph on the application should be got attested by a Gazetted officer or person of equivalent status.
5. Syllabi and Text Books
Syllabus and text books for the courses offered by the School shall be the same as those for the courses conducted by the colleges affiliated to the University of Calicut. Text books will not be supplied by the School. Students will have to make their own arrangements for purchase of text books. Text books are available in the Calicut University Central Co-operative Store, Calicut University. P.O. and in all leading book stalls.
6. Study Materials
Study materials will be supplied only for courses offered by the SDE, having enrolment of 50 or more students. The study materials in each subject have been prepared by teachers of eminence and scrutinized by a committee of experts. The study materials are only supplementary and main stress should be given to the study of text books. The study materials supplied by the School provide answers to probable questions and the process of study is made quick and smooth.
The study materials for optional subjects will be supplied only in English.
The study materials will be despatched to the students in convenient sets. Students are required to check up the lessons received and intimate the SDE of their suggestions and complaints if any. Prompt action will be taken to rectify the defects pointed out by the students.
7. Address Slip
The applicants for admission are required to furnish the address slip attached with the application form, (10 copies of their address for communication with District, Post and PIN code) to which admission intimation, original certificates, lessons etc. will be sent. Change in address if any should be intimated to this School immediately. The SDE is not responsible for any postal delay or loss in transit.
8. Qualifying Certificates/Marklists
The original certificate/mark lists submitted by the students at the time of admission will be forwarded to the Pareeksha Bhavan along with their examination applications and the same, after verification will be returned to the candidates along with their first year examination hall tickets. Those certificate/Mark lists which need recognition will be forwarded separately to the Pareeksha Bhavan and on getting recognition and verification the same will be returned to the candidates in due course. However students can take them back for any genuine purpose for a few days, on production of the identity card along with a written request. They should return the certificates immediately after use to the School/Pareeksha Bhavan.
9. Library Facilities
A library has been developed in the School for reference purposes of the students of the SDE. Further all the students of the S.D.E. can make use of the reference service of the Calicut University Central Library (C.H. Mohammed Koya Library) in the Campus. Graduates of the Calicut University are eligible to get membership of the Central Library. They can also make use of the Library at the University Study Centre located at P.T. Usha Road, Calicut.
10. University Examinations
The examination for the students of the School of Distance Education will be conducted by the Controller of Examinations, University of Calicut. The date of examination will be published in the newspapers as soon as the dates are fixed by the University. As far as possible the School will intimate the date of commencement of the examination to the students. The application forms for the examination (except for supplementary examinations) with clear instructions will be supplied from this School to the students at the appropriate time.
The fee for the examinations shall be remitted in the Calicut University Fund under the appropriate head of account mentioned in the application form and the original chalan receipt/DD shall be enclosed along with the application.
The students shall return their filled in application (first appearance) for examination only to the Director, School of Distance Education. First appearance applications for each year (Ist,IInd and IIIrd year) should be sent to the S.D.E. The applications, after verification and endorsement, will be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations by this School.
The students should not send their first appearance examination applications directly to the Controller of Examinations.

About University of Calicut School of Distance Education

Calicut University School of Distance educationEstablished in 1981, the School has emerged as a major distance education provider in Kerala. Annually about 30 thousand students enrol for the programmes of the School available under two streams – Regular and Open. Regular Stream Courses are meant for those who wish to pursue their studies though distance education mode provided they satisfy the conditions prescribed for admission to the graduate and postgraduate programmes offered in colleges affiliated to the University.

Open stream courses are tailored to meet the educational needs of those who have not acquired the basic qualification needed for admission to regular courses. All those who attain the age of 18 years on July, in the year of admission are eligible to seek admission to open stream courses However, such candidates must appear for an entrance examination conducted by the School and secure a minimum of 35% mark.

Currently, the School offers 16 graduate courses, 13 postgraduate courses and two diploma courses. Students admitted to these courses are provided printed study materials. All students are expected to attend contact programmes and training sessions arranged regularly at notified centres.

The School has approved 18 educational institutions in different States of India to enrol students for various courses offered by the School. Also, the School has six approved overseas centres at Sharjah, Abu Dhabi , Doha , Kuwait and Bahrain .

Students can use the library of the School of Distance Education as also the C.H.M.K Library of the University, both located on the main campus of the University.